Tcl Web Applications
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  • Qcode is an open source web application framework for Tcl.

    Our e-commerce and ERP projects are built around this core. We continuously improve and develop this toolkit with regular new releases.

  • We would like to work with you to develop web applications that suit your business workflow.

    Turning your ideas into useful business tools.

  • Do you have a paper based or Excel based workflow process that would work better as a web application ? We can bring your ideas to life in code.

About Qcode …

We are an IT company with over 7 years of success in continuously developing our customers' e-commerce and ERP web applications.

Our developers are expert software designers and engineers committed to achieving reliable high quality systems. We love working in such an innovative area of software development.

Talk is cheap.
Show me the code.


From content management of your e-commerce site, customer checkout and payment to back end order processing. We can write an app to suit your needs. Read more


Enterprise Resource Planning software covers everything from demand planning, customer management to financial accounts. What app does your business need ? Read more


Do you have a paper based or Excel based business process that would work better as a web app ?
We can turn your ideas into code. Read more

Ongoing Support

We are dedicated to offer you the best service possible, with support and updates you can rely on. Our on-call engineers provide round the clock support for critical services.

Create your web app with fresh new ideas. Make the system you want for your business.

Why choose us?

  • Fast prototyping of ideas
  • Flexible systems easy to change
  • Full source code access
  • Private subversion repository
  • Reliable and secure applications.
  • Ongoing support

Explore the endless possibilities