We are a software company with 10 years of success in continuously developing our customers' e‑commerce and ERP web applications.

Our developers are expert software designers and engineers committed to achieving reliable, high quality systems. We relish working in this exciting area of software development.

Large scalable web apps

We would like to work with you to develop web applications that suit your business workflow and have the capacity to scale.

We have experience engineering high workload systems with tight performance constraints.

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Ideas for workflow management

Do you have a paper based or Excel based workflow process that would work better as a web application?

We can bring your ideas to life in code.

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Creative ideas in software

Our projects qcode-tcl and qcode-ui provide the basis for our open source web applications.

Our e-commerce and ERP projects are built using this framework which we continuously improve and develop with regular new releases.

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Create your web app with fresh new ideas. Make the system you want for your business.